"The largest success is the theme and back story.", "The game scored best in visual art."

Judges for 2010 GDC Independent Games Festival

"I was engaged & interested in the traffic in the blood stream from the start of the game.", "Turning on 'virus mode' was fun!"

Richard Levine, game designer & developer of Microsurgeon

"The design showed good planning & interesting design principles.", "The tutorials helped teach the game."

Victor Chelaru, Owner & Development Director, FlatRedBall

Competitions / Conferences

Poster/Game Demonstrator
Midwestern Conference on Health Games, October 2011
Indianapolis, IN, USA

Selected Exhibitor
TEDxBloomington, May 2011
Bloomington, IN, USA

Adobe Day @Indiana University, April 2011
Bloomington, IN, USA

AECT International Convention, October 2010
(Association for Educational Communications & Technology)
Anaheim, CA, USA

AACE Global Conference on Learning and Technology, May 2010
(Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education)
Penang, Malaysia

Games for Health Conference, May 2010
Boston, MA, USA

Open Game Project Category, MultiVisions, April 2010
Bloomington, IN, USA

Game For Programming / Game For Fun / Serious Game
PlayExpo, April 2010
Whitewater, WI, USA