About the game

bodyGUARD is a “medical action” game with novelties in both game mechanics and presentation. Using the idea of immunization process, players can switch the mode of the nanoSHIFTER to fight against its enemies by working with them. Players also get to experience the inner world of inside a human body through original art and sound.

Little boy Tobe's life is at stake! Get your nanoSHIFTER ready and start the mission to save Tobe!

About us

We are alumni and graduate students from Indiana University Bloomington. We are:

(in alphabetical order)

Chris Bates
game designer, sound & music designer

Jack Chang
creator, producer, game designer, programmer, web designer

Elizabeth Crosbie
game designer, UI Designer, 2D artist, design document editor, pitch video actor

Jake Enfield
game designer, programmer, visual effects designer, researcher

Austin Lord
game designer, 3D artist, pitch video editor